Enabling Flash Content on your Consumer Electronic Product

The Adobe Flash Player is the world's most employed software platform used by over two million professionals and reaching 99% of Internet-enabled desktops in mature markets, as well as a wide range of mobile and consumer devices. Adobe's Flash Player allows enterprises to deliver secure, expressive and high-performance applications that run consistently across operating systems and browsers with a consistent customer experience.

Triple Play Integration is Adobe’s premier scaling partner. Our long-term association with Adobe makes us the perfect choice to help bring your Flash-enabled product to market. Through our relationship with Adobe, Triple Play Integration has access to the latest Adobe Flash SDKs for all Flash products, including Flash Player 10.1, Flash for Digital Home, AIR and FlashLite. We also have the expertise to port, optimize, license and certify your product on a timely basis that meets your requirements.

Among the services Triple Play Integration offers are:

Adobe Flash Porting and Optimization

Triple Play Integration has many years of experience porting Flash to various platforms and operating systems. This experience enables us to evaluate your product requirements to determine the optimal integration of Flash on your device. It also allows us to implement the necessary additions and modifications on your device's software platform to ensure the best possible performance. Triple Play Integration offers Flash Porting services on all versions of Flash Player 10.1, Flash for Digital Home and FlashLite.

Open Screen Project (OSP) Assessment

With the announcement of Adobe’s Open Screen Project, Triple Play Integration can assist you in the evaluation of your product to determine if OSP is the best approach for your project to access Flash, and, if so, work with you to determine if the device meets Adobe's OSP requirements. At the end of this assessment, if the device meets the specified requirements, we will work with you to generate the necessary documentation to petition Adobe for OSP membership.


As an Adobe Scaling Partner, Triple Play Integration can provide licenses for your product, according to Adobe's licensing requirements. We will work with you to craft a licensing model that meets your requirements and satisfies Adobe's licensing guidelines.


Prior to shipping Adobe Flash Player on any product, the product's Flash Player must pass the Adobe device certification test suite (DCTS). This complex series of tests insures that the device meets Adobe’s behavioral and performance expectations. More importantly, it insures that the Flash Player can play all Flash content up to your customer’s expectations. Triple Play Integration will work with Adobe and your company to address any exceptions that may block certification.

Support and Maintenance

Triple Play Integration offers a comprehensive set of support and maintenance options for Flash. We can customize a support contract that meets your specific budget and requirements. Our maintenance program insures that the Flash Player shipped with each of your devices is stable and dependable, always works optimally and has been updated to the latest Adobe Flash technology.

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