Colin Campbell, Director of Engineering

Colin Campbell has a broad knowledge of video broadcast and database systems. He has twenty-one years of experience in software development, and has spent that last twelve years working specifically on software for television systems. He has many years of experience designing high volume database transaction systems for such customers as Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Cablevision and many others. Through this experience, Colin has developed the ability to design highly scalable architectures for complex systems.

Colin worked for Open Development Corporation as their Chief Software Architect. During his tenure, he developed the core systems for a product targeted at large telephone network operators. ODC’s platform handled billing of prepaid, toll-free (800) and wireless telephone services.

Colin was a member of the team that founded Commerce TV, a company that designed and developed an end-to-end system enabling point and click based commerce over a digital cable television network. Colin served as Director of Development and then later as VP of Engineering at Commerce TV. Colin and his team won the 2001 Western Cable TV Show's award for best new Interactive TV application.

Colin has a wide and deep knowledge of software technologies and design and development practices. He is proficient in both Microsoft and Java platforms and possesses a keen understanding and proficiency in databases such as Oracle and SQL Server. He has worked in many disciplines and is well versed in multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.

Colin holds a B.S.C in Computer Information Systems from Glasgow Caledonian University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.